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Host to host: CommsCo Tech Chat with Lee Cooper

Article by:Alex Maxwell


The CommsCo Tech Chat has had many tech and scaleup leaders sit in the hot seat. But one guest we hadn’t had yet was, well, another podcast host. So, for our latest episode, we thought to rectify the matter: why not have a chat host to host(s)? 

To begin proceedings, Tom and Lee W give their two cents on the latest headlines, including Big Tech signing an accord to tackle ‘deceptive’ AI and the new names for the London Overground lines – a good move or unnecessary? 

Then, it was time to introduce our next guest on Season 2: Lee Cooper. Lee is the host of his podcast Extrology, which “celebrates the brilliance of individuals and their unique stories”. 

As his podcast bio says, Lee is a “recruiter, connector, business owner, sports junkie, coffee snob and best of all, Dad”. This array of descriptors epitomises the variety of experiences, interests and insights Lee has to draw on and that came to light during our chat. 

The chat: finding the spark

Lee delves into the process of setting up his podcast, from the initial spark while he was working in recruitment to the tech people who have helped him along the way. 

He picks the favourite episode he’s hosted, explores social media and how it’s changed expectations for content, and outlines why he believes in the importance of long-form conversations. The trio also discuss preparing for a podcast episode, while Lee reflects on what Extrology has taught him about himself, discovering people’s stories, and the importance of listening. 

Of course, to finish off the chat, Lee is faced with the CC Quickfire. Can he answer questions about art, geography, and the wonders of the world? Can he join Lee W and Navenio’s Connie Moser at the top of the leaderboard? 

Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out. Listen to the podcast episode here


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