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5 tips for tech scaleups when launching in the UK

Article by:Ilona Hitel


There are so many tech scaleups entering the UK market, with the number doubling over two years. However, between Brexit, a pandemic and inflation, many of these companies are united by significant challenges right now. We all feel business is in more of a ‘struggle’ mode than boom, so more than ever, it’s vital to do things right and maximise your results when you choose to launch.

Here are some PR tips to get you started and make sure you get off on the right foot.

1 Be yourself

Make sure that what you say, you say everywhere. Develop a tone that sits with your brand, messaging that is consistent across your channels, and make sure your network and team understands who you are and what you do. Learn your three key messages from top down and keep refreshing them as they evolve. It’s surprising how many founders or management teams cannot convey in one line what they do. This is essential to get traction.

2 But it’s not all about you

Yes, your story might be brilliant, but don’t just use your website to externalise this. If you’ve created a new category, as many have, no one will be looking for your technology yet. So, tie into the issues your prospects are facing, create educational guides and bite size chunks of informative material – give them something of value! Show what your customers are doing, share ROI numbers, refer to industry reports and share others’ content; really cast the net wide.

3 Challenge the status quo

If you really want to embrace PR and get your head above the parapet, you should think about what bold statements you can make. Just as Salesforce declared the ‘End of software’, are you bringing about the demise of X, Y or Z? Are your competitors rolling out in 12 months when you can deliver the same in 30 days? What are you doing that will really make the industry sit up and take note? This is your PR differentiator and should form the basis of your messaging. 

4 Steal media mindshare

It’s worth tracking competitors, if you have them. Outwit them with your marketing. Ensure what you are doing is better, more comprehensive, more creative, more compelling. Get your agency to create your list of influencers and tick them off, one by one, to ensure you become the go-to source of comment. Get the engine and your tier one targets in place. 

5 Spread your passion

Last but not least, make sure your team or agencies share your passion. You have a purpose, and that purpose should be understood and amplified in every direction by all of your team, in-house or agency. You should sense this magic immediately as you come to launch if you have the right team in place. If you’re choosing an agency to be with you on the journey, then check their client references.

It’s a challenging time for business, but it’s also in these moments where you can really stand out from the crowd (especially in an increasingly busy tech scaleup scene). With these challenges also come great opportunities. If you can hone in on these five tips, then you can start to lay down the foundations to kickstart and maximise your PR strategy. 

Good luck with your plans! If you need any further ideas or advice, we are here to help.


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