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A standout event for AI founders

Article by:Alex Maxwell


If there’s one thing we can bank on in 2024, it’s more AI – and plenty more of it. 

The tech market is awash with AI startups, developments and news. Yet for AI founders, there can be a fine line between enjoying a market brimming with opportunities and fighting a feeling of shouting into the wind to get a proposition heard. 

What makes a startup stand out? How can founders cut through the noise to deliver and articulate a compelling proposition? And how can they be sure their product will stand up to the market and investors? 

The EU has just reached a landmark world-first deal on AI regulation – what will this mean for the UK AI scene and how will it respond? This follows hot on the heels of the recent UK AI Safety Summit, with the conference trying to set in motion a global standard for AI’s development. 

Public knowledge and awareness of AI is also on the rise: the ONS found that 72% of adults could give at least a partial explanation of AI in 2023 compared with 56% the year before. Does this growing AI consciousness affect a startup’s proposition and how it develops?

Many answers are still to be found and formulated, but as recent conferences have showcased, bringing together leaders in AI can lead to a collaborative understanding – and fruitful debate – of how best to make a mark and advance the technology for good.

AI founders: making your scaleup stand out

As such, CommsCo is hosting an event with Evelyn Partners exclusively for founders and executives, providing a space for AI startups to test their proposition with investors, the market and the media. Joining us at the event are three exceptional experts:

  • Andrew Burgess: an AI thought leader and practitioner, an author and speaker, and CEO of Greenhouse AI – he offers his perspective on the AI market and the opportunities within it 
  • John O’Connell: founder of ScaleUp Group. As an entrepreneur/investor, he explores what makes a business credible to the investment community
  • Adi Gaskell: journalist and Forbes contributor, also writing for the FT and The Guardian – he takes on the media view, and offers insights on how to cut through the AI noise

Whether you’re looking for funding, validation or exposure, this event is the perfect platform to test your proposition. Get your tickets here and take your AI startup to the next level.

This event is exclusively for founders and executives. Maximum two attendees per company. Hosted by CommsCo and Evelyn Partners. Drinks and canapes will be served at the event.


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