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In this post we provide a breakdown of upcoming features and acquisitions recently announced by LinkedIn. LinkedIn has had a busy couple of months. While maintaining its 350 million users and bringing in around $643 million in revenue last quarter, the social networking platform is looking to expand into...

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Want to boost your thought leadership profile? Need to generate and nurture new leads? The webinar can be a great way to make your content count! For the second blog in our ‘Content that Counts’ series, we shine a spotlight on the webinar. Over the past five years, the...

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It’s been a busy few months for Facebook, and you need to look no further than VentureBeat’s key takeaways write up of the Facebook developer conference to see why: Facebook is on fire, and seems poised to take over the world. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan and long time user...

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Is your blog helping to build brand profile and grow your business? Does it drive lead generation and support sales conversions? Kicking off our ‘Content that Counts’ series, this week we focus on the corporate blog – and the mountain of opportunities it can unearth for your brand if it...

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Find out with these five quick fire questions & a detailed guide to help you implement! It seems every (marketing) man and his dog is writing about taking their content marketing to the next level. So, amidst the mass of content marketing advice, what is the real formula for...

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~ Agency reports strong performance with another client win and growing team ~ RM Results has selected The CommsCo to drive a new content marketing and social media programme that will increase thought leadership-based content across its digital channels. RM Results is the international leading provider of e-marking solutions for high stakes exams. Its flagship product,...

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Is your website’s About Us page winning? We aren’t just asking if it’s well designed or topping your site for web traffic, we’re asking if your About Us page is helping you to win deals. It doesn’t matter if your sales cycle is a week or two years long – ...

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A good marketing plan ensures that budget is used efficiently, costs are reduced, and end results deliver a good return on investment. The problem for many of us of course, is time. In an ideal world, marketers would have ample time to assess their external (macro) and internal (micro)...

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Following on from The CommsCo’s 6 steps to the perfect client/agency relationship post in November, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it an apt time to offer our advice on choosing a new PR match. After all, finding the right PR agency fit should place your brand at...

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The art of storytelling in business This week is the 15th National Storytelling Week – well, everyone does love a story and humans are storytellers by nature. And in the 21st century, with the explosion of content marketing, people are writing more and more – but quantity doesn’t always necessarily mean quality so just...

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