Take Your Tech Startup to a Global Stage with a 90-Day+ UK/US PR Scaleup Program

Article by:Ilona Hitel


It’s September and many tech scaleups will be looking towards 2024 to achieve their growth objectives. If you’re accelerating globally you might want to launch into the US at the same time as the UK, but the big question is, how do you ensure success but within a scaleup budget?

Finding the right team to help you launch in new markets (US or UK) and in a coordinated manner (managed from wherever your HQ happens to be) can be tricky, not to mention expensive. 

That’s why CommsCo has partnered with San Francisco-based startup expert Firebrand to make scaling in both key markets much more accessible and effective. Together, we’re launching a 90-day+ Scaleup PR Programme, looking to launch and establish a presence and profile in both of these key territories. 

Whilst the approaches in both markets differ quite significantly, you’ll want consistent company messages managed by an experienced and coordinated team.

Learn the key to successful UK PR

Learn the key to successful US PR

Firebrand is a US-based PR agency that specialises in working with tech startups looking to scale their business in the US. Similar to CommsCo, it deploys ‘challenger PR’, helping US startups (post Seed investment) establish a presence among much larger competitors, and supports growth with a wide range of digital marketing activities. In short, it can really be the power you need to establish your marketing engine in a new market.

We’ve also known the leadership at Firebrand for a number of years, and share a similar proactive and results-focused approach, with a passion for helping fast-growth companies. So you can be guaranteed of a consistent service across both regions and the economies of scale to suit.

An initial 90-day project will consist of a media audit and a messaging workshop, a content plan with corresponding activities and KPIs to get you well off the ground in both regions, within a specific budget so you have transparency of investment. Obviously if you’re looking for a long term partner, that’s all in the ‘+’, but this might be your best way to dip a toe in the market, and kick off a fruitful relationship.

So if you have ambitious plans for your company this coming year but don’t know where to start within your scaleup’s limitations, talk to us (UK) (US) and we will be only too happy to help.


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