Every week is Tech Week for Bold Brands

Article by:Ryan Seller


And so London Tech Week comes to an end – with 55,000 of the world’s best and brightest minds finishing their final conferences and discussions on latest industry happenings and developments.
However, at CommsCo, we’d say that for leading tech scale ups, every week is tech week in London.
A recent Tech Nation report revealed that the UK’s tech sector is expanding 2.6 times faster than any other, with an estimated worth of £184 billion, up £14 billion on 2017. Theresa May also recently revealed a £2.3bn government investment in the UK tech scene – start ups and scale ups alike can enjoy the benefits of the UK’s positioning as a world leader in innovation.
But this also means that competition is fierce. Businesses are having to fight increasingly harder for share of voice and to land their message. However, brilliant tech brands know how to rise above the clamour and raise their profile to stay ahead of the pack. Here are three things we’re seeing the best tech businesses doing to lead the industry conversation and build punchy profile that converts to business success:

  • Saying what ‘everyone’ is thinking – Tech startups with a brave new breed of spokesperson enjoy more coverage in the media, boosting profile for lead generation. Company leaders with bold statements and big visions, who aren’t afraid to put their head above the parapet – they’re gold dust for a media used to dry canned comment. Building a successful press relationship draws much from having something interesting to say, and getting in quickly to beat the competition.
  • Sharing their story, beyond the numbers – You’ve had investment, you’ve hit the headlines, now what? Many companies at this stage don’t know how to maintain profile, beyond the hard news, but the fact is their technology has a strong story (otherwise it wouldn’t have attracted the investor community in the first place!). The trailblazers are ensuring they have a compelling message to market and run campaigns that differentiate them from the competition, in order to keep the spotlight on their brand.
  • Staying on message – Two or three simple key messages, that a business can stick to like glue, make for industry success and recognition. Tech businesses with short and punchy messages build consistency and reliability in the media. Leaders in the tech scale up space have got the message – reinforcement is the key to getting their vision across.

We’re looking forward to the next London Tech Week already…it starts on Monday.If you’re looking to implement any of these ideas, please do get in touch – we’d love to chat.


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