5 reasons you should gain PR experience while studying

Article by:Danielle Lawless


As someone who is currently undertaking their master’s degree in digital communications, I feel it’s vital to gain hands-on experience within the PR industry. 
Here are my five main reasons for undertaking a PR internship at CommsCo, and why I think other students should consider it too:

  • Real-world application

A PR internship offers you the opportunity to take the knowledge you learn within a lecture hall or seminar room, and apply this to the world of PR. The knowledge you gain in class will give you a head-start in the business, but it’s only through getting hands on work experience will you significantly improve your PR skills. 
Learning about pitching to journalists is no doubt a lot different than pressing the send button! You can also impress your lecturers and classmates with the practical examples you can provide to theories when you go to university. A win win. 

  • Flexibility around your studies

Undertaking an internship alongside your studies allows you to fit in employment around your academic commitments. Unlike a full-time role, it won’t compromise your learning but will, in fact, accelerate it, adding it to your existing knowledge. It also helps you to keep that healthy work-life balance intact!

  • Business-understanding skills

Whether it is your first ‘proper’ job or the latest on your CV, a PR internship offers invaluable insight into the world of business and public relations. A PR internship will educate you on best-practice for delivering exceptional client service and meeting their needs, whilst personally enhancing your business-understanding skills. 
Gaining confidence in a professional environment is crucial for any student, no matter what career path you choose to go down. There’s only so much you can learn from lectures on Zoom!

  • If you make a good impression, they may want to keep you!

Not only are you enhancing your personal skill set, but you could also be securing your future role! A successful internship can certainly lead to full-time employment and progression within the company, why go anywhere else? In fact, at CommsCo, a few of our current employees started as interns.

  • Helping with the student budget

Finally, all students know the struggle of getting by on a limited student budget. The right PR internship can help, allowing you to earn a wage whilst still attending university.

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