Media Training

Your spokespeople are the face of your brand and need to be comfortable and confident when speaking to the media. Done well, journalists can become a core part of your network of influencers. Without this, there is a risk of your company messaging being mistold and – in the worst case – sensitive information being shared.

At CommsCo we see media training as not just an opportunity to teach your spokespeople best practice, but to create ‘Media Heroes’ that truly champion your brand.

Our media training services include:

Core training sessions

1-2-1 or group media training sessions that outline the ‘dos’ and don’ts’ of speaking to the media, providing examples and guidance.

Practice interviews

Mock interviews that test spokespeople with challenging questions.


Media training sessions are also an opportunity to discuss themes that your spokespeople are passionate about and to create content (soundbites, thought leadership articles, blogs, etc.) off the back of the sessions.

To find out more about our media training sessions, get in touch with the team.

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