Media Insights: CommsCo talks to Andrew Ross

Earlier this month, we spoke to Andrew Ross, Reporter at Information Age, about his tech expectations and opinion on the state of PR and journalism in 2018. What is your biggest PR bugbear? Being bombarded with emails that have no relevance to me, and when PRs don’t research the publication before pitching. It’s also irksome when PRs chase me on an irrelevant story while I’m busy developing content. What do you want to see more from PRs this year? The best content PRs can provide Information Age is quotations from end-users for a tech product. We’d also like to see more research from tech companies, especially on spending trends and analysis of the market, as our readership reacts well to that kind of news. We’d also like more reactive articles, with PRs responding to the news agenda. How do you see the journalist/PR relationship evolving in the future? There is a saturated market at the moment, so the journalist and PR relationship need to be about developing relationships. Both parties need to build a win-win dynamic, neither should expect everything for nothing—we need to meet in the middle. Ensuring that there are realistic expectations is important too. What technology are you excited for? I’m excited about the potential of Robotic Process Automation in particular. Data management needs to be written about more, alongside other exciting technology like predictive analytics and machine learning.