Ryan S (2)Title: Ryan is an Account Executive and has joined CommsCo after interning with us for a year. After Leah, he is our second hire from Royal Holloway… they’re taking over!

Specialist Subject: Social Media – Ryan can be found scrolling through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at all hours of the day (and night).

Passions: As an English graduate (with a first!), writing is unsurprisingly one of Ryan’s greatest passions — he runs his own blog focused around his passion for fashion and the arts. Creating content, from short and snappy tweets to longer and more in-depth blog posts, is what keeps him motivated in his role at CommsCo.

Other: Ryan enjoys playing the piano to switch off. Having played since he was seven years old, he has passed his Grade 8 but now almost exclusively plays Adele covers — much to the annoyance of his housemate.

He is also pretty keen on Gin and Tonics and McDonald’s burgers and can often found enjoying both at the same time.