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People always ask us how to grow Twitter followers, and the simple answer is this: tweet. Tweet frequently and tweet at the right times, and your Twitter followers will grow. You can throw in hashtags, you can become a category expert and you can be a good curator by re-tweeting, but all said...

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Good shout from B2BMarketing for launching its content crimes campaign. There are thousands of people out there that are innocently committing crimes on a daily basis. Even just by involving too many people in the business, you can innocently destroy your ideas and campaigns, resulting in ‘Frankencontent’ – an end result...

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We’ve recently launched our LinkedIn Tips campaign which has already received a lot of positive feedback. LinkedIn is widely used by our customers, but it’s graphic user interface and user journey is not always straightforward. To eliminate guesswork, we’re using our own LinkedIn company page to display new tips each...

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I get asked to write about and speak on ROI in social media all the time – more often than any other topic I’d say. While most of my discussion around social media ROI revolves around common sense such as “make sure your tweets point to CTA’s (calls to...

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Why you might consider a new integrated approach. In the world of inbound marketing, the whole is greater than the parts, with integration happening at some level across the majority of marketing departments. In fact, interestingly enough, Ascend2 reports that 16% are so advanced they are using MA to manage the...

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I believe that trust is the most important commodity of any business, especially for PR firms. As ‘PRs’, our jobs revolve around providing a service to our clients, and making sure they trust in our abilities. We may have only just celebrated the end of our first year, but...

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Victor Kiam famously once said: “Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin”. I will admit, this saying could well have been said in order to describe me once. You know you need to write a blog, it is your turn and your superiors are getting on your case, rightly so. “Yes...

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In its quest for profitability, Twitter announced yesterday that it had expanded its advertising system across Europe to effectively double the number of countries in which the paid services will be available. While I stopped short of breaking out the good champagne, I do think Twitter’s paid business services are not to be...

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