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As a student of PR at the University of Westminster, I’m surrounded by these terms in my day-to-day academic life. Initially these terms can seem confusing, especially for non-PR people. Every industry has its own language, and we’re no exception. We’ve come up with a short list of key PR...

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Georgia Sibold is an intern at The CommsCo. She is currently completing her degree in Public Relations at The University of Westminster Yesterday, The CommsCo attended CleverTouch’s Marketing Automation Breakfast Briefing hosted at The Hospital Club in London. The event was attended by fellow industry members and others interested...

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I am a firm believer in the potential of social media to help drive business growth, and I tire of some of the uninformed criticisms of SoMe’s place in B2B business. When assessing the usefulness of social media in B2B or any business, it’s essential to stand back and...

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Google released a Penguin 3.0 refresh a couple of months ago in order to improve the way it targets sites deemed to be spam, especially those found in violation of Google’s guidelines about linking. But what’s all this algorithm talk? Well, in short, the algorithms are applied to your...

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 If all you want for Valentine’s Day is great content, read on to find out which tools keep TCC’s content engine running To mark St Valentine’s Day this week, we thought we’d share the love we have for our favourite social media apps. “The CommsCo’s Top Ten Social Media List” is a rundown...

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How an unrepresentative headline can be dangerous Last month the WSJ reported on recent Forrester research that initially seemed to debunk social media as a useful tool for marketers. Private Eye magazine’s Ad Nauseam column included a beautiful piece about media agencies running scared. It’s a wonderful headline for a cynical journalist community, and in...

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As Google+ seemingly begins to disappear into the folds of the token SEO-comfort blanket, Facebook has certainly stepped in to take up its share of the limelight. When it isn’t conducting psychological experiments on its users, it’s plotting workforce domination by ramping up to take on LinkedIn (and Google Drive no...

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What is it with so many PRs that don’t read the headlines, or listen to the news? I find it really a bit isolating, arrogant or just naive that so many people I talk to who are actively involved, or seeking involvement in the industry, that they don’t make...

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 -      A view of agencies from our clients Ultimately, the relationship between a client and an agency is just like any other relationship you will experience in your life. They tend to start well but, unless we invest time into them, they can turn into messy bitter break-ups. Here are...

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Four nightmares to avoid this Hallows’ Eve Hallowe’en is fast approaching and as the fright night nears, we’re digging deep and revealing the ghastly modern day nightmares of the PR world that have got us shaking in our boots. Be warned – you’re in for a scare *evil laugh*...

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