By: Niamh Cassidy On: September 16, 2015 In: Social Media, Twitter Comments: 0

Social media is a powerful phenomenon: harness its power and your story can become a whirlwind success in a matter of minutes, put a foot wrong and it can put you suddenly in the spotlight, and not for a good reason. It’s been an eventful couple of weeks for...

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By: admin On: August 12, 2015 In: Email Marketing Comments: 0

In the last of our blogs on creating ‘Content that Counts’, we’re looking at a long-standing outbound marketing approach that aims to generate inbound leads by nurturing prospective customers along the path to purchase: Email marketing. Email marketing has stood the test of time because it can work really...

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By: Niamh Cassidy On: July 31, 2015 In: PR Comments: 0

It’s a little over three months now since I made the switch from TV to PR, and started as PR, Social Media and Content Executive at TheCommsCo. To call it a learning curve would probably be an understatement, but what I would call it is the best career move...

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By: admin On: July 06, 2015 In: Press Release Comments: 0

Leading Cloud and on-premise digital preservation provider hands UK & US brief to growing London agency Digital preservation specialist, Preservica, has selected The CommsCoto advance its PR operations in the UK and US after a three-way competitive pitch. The CommsCo will co-ordinate media relations campaigns for Preservica in both markets, with...

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By: admin On: July 01, 2015 In: PR Comments: 0

Continuing our ‘Content that Counts’ series, this week we focus on the infographic – a content channel that exploded onto the B2B marketing scene in 2010, and which continues to deliver effective results by marrying complex information and themes with graphically designed visuals. It’s a simple concept, and one...

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By: admin On: June 11, 2015 In: PR Comments: 0

Thanks to PRWeek for reporting yesterday on a rise in overall client satisfaction from 36% to 51% over the last year. Nice to read, that overall, spirits are up. The percentage of clients who said they were “very likely to recommend” their PR agency has also increased from 59 per cent...

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By: admin On: May 21, 2015 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

Amidst the mass of new content marketing channels born of the digital revolution, the more traditional whitepaper is one of the few marketing tools that continues to stand the test of time. Why? Whitepapers are extremely versatile. They can be printed, hosted on your company site and easily distributed...

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By: admin On: May 08, 2015 In: Video Comments: 0

As a marketing tool, video content is huge and its effectiveness in the B2B space should never be underestimated. Video not only allows you to tell a story, it enables you to dictate the images, sounds, and narrative that your audience consumes, and is a great way to drive...

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By: admin On: April 30, 2015 In: PR Comments: 0

It’s been a great year for the British PR industry, according to figures filed by PRWeek UK’s Top 150 PR Consultancies survey. For the first time, income earned by these agencies surpassed the £1bn mark, at the same time as we witnessed our own milestone entrance as new kids on the block....

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By: admin On: April 23, 2015 In: Social Media Comments: 0

In this post we provide a breakdown of upcoming features and acquisitions recently announced by LinkedIn. LinkedIn has had a busy couple of months. While maintaining its 350 million users and bringing in around $643 million in revenue last quarter, the social networking platform is looking to expand into...

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