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Thanks to PRWeek for reporting yesterday on a rise in overall client satisfaction from 36% to 51% over the last year. Nice to read, that overall, spirits are up.

The percentage of clients who said they were “very likely to recommend” their PR agency has also increased from 59 per cent to 66 per cent year-on year.

The starting point on these numbers is still worryingly low, but then we all know that we have a never-ending job on our hands to keep clients satisfied. A happy client clutching an award one day is a demanding voice on the phone the next week – such is agency life.

It’s why good agency people stay agency side, proving they can meet the never-ending demands and show they can deliver the necessary results and ROI; that they can do the impossible, and are recognised by their teams, if not always the clients, for it.

The Never-ending ROI Question

Yesterday we were asked by a US CMO (who had managed PR since the launch of the internet) whether lead generation metrics have become more tangible. Weirdly, I got myself completely mixed up answering that question. The ROI question has been there all along, so you would think I would be prepared.

It’s now more complicated than ever before. Think about the impact of content on website traffic, driving prospects along nurture journeys all the way to the ‘contact us’ page, social interactions, sentiment, engagement, media impressions and analyst influence, just to name a few.

Yes we now do all that, and yes, it gives us spreadsheets of numbers and metrics to report by. It even gives us Marketing Qualified Leads in some instances, which we can hand over to the marketing teams. The CMOs are leading the way on this front and loving it.

But ultimately, it got me mulling the question, all this talk of ROI, is this what really makes clients happy? Do companies sign up to PR if they have all of this in place?

Metrics + feel-good factor = winning formula

Ultimately it is also down to what makes the CEO truly happy, and in our agency’s recent experience, there really is nothing like intangible and traditional PR to put a smile on their face, or and an industry gong to be awarded with at a ceremony to give them glowing pride. Those are the events that create real feel-good factor and company buzz about an agency as a partner, and often the source of the most positive feedback.

So in answer to the never-ending ROI question, I do think you need the head (metrics) and the heart (feel-good factor) to work hand in hand. Crack that and you have a winning formula for lasting relationships.

Either way, back to the PRWeek report, it’s a tough life being an agent, but it’s always nice to get good feedback, as rare as it often is. I am a firm believer that a happy client sharing positive feedback will generate twice the service and love by return. You may always pay for your tangible ROI stats, but this way you will get our heart and passion for free.

If you’re looking for your perfect PR match, why not speak to us to fix a date? We’re a friendly bunch (and we’re not bad at tech PR and content marketing either!)

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