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As a marketing tool, video content is huge and its effectiveness in the B2B space should never be underestimated. Video not only allows you to tell a story, it enables you to dictate the images, sounds, and narrative that your audience consumes, and is a great way to drive awareness, generate leads and procure the brand positioning you want.

Research by Hubspot shows that the use of video in B2B marketing increased by 8% to 58 per cent in 2014 – a soaring popularity that shows no sign of slowing down. Perhaps most significantly for technology marketers, video content can also be easier to digest than two-dimensional marketing tools such as reports, meaning it offers particular opportunity for technology companies that struggle to communicate complex messaging in a comprehensive but understandable way.

The real advantage with video is of course the ‘shareability’ factor. It can be embedded into an email or e-newsletter, published on a blog or website, and/or posted to social media. And, if your video goes viral, well…you’ve just hit the content jackpot!

Here are our video content do’s and don’ts:

Do think about the purpose of your video. What do you want to achieve?

Do strive for long-term engagement – create a series, don’t be a one hit wonder.

Do think about tone – do you want a voiceover and/or background music? Ensure this fits with your brand personality.

Do make it real – include customers and show how they are benefitting from your products/services.

Do make it personal for your intended audience. People connect with other people, not brands. Use humour where appropriate.

Do maximise your ongoing video spend by creating a branded video template that can be re-used.

Don’t make it too long (or too brief). Strike the right balance for your target audience.

Don’t talk too much. Explain visually wherever possible.

Don’t rely on your technology too much – ensure you have good lighting and acoustics.

Don’t be salesy. Ever. You want to position your brand as a thought leader, not a vendor.

Don’t forget to share your videos on social channels and respond to any comments you receive.

Don’t forget to include a clear call to action. What do you want your audience to do next?

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