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Four nightmares to avoid this Hallows’ Eve

Hallowe’en is fast approaching and as the fright night nears, we’re digging deep and revealing the ghastly modern day nightmares of the PR world that have got us shaking in our boots.

Be warned – you’re in for a scare *evil laugh*

 The PR ghost

Some PRs are so persistent, journalists may feel they are being haunted!

It’s crucial to us and our clients that stories get coverage, and in this day and age EVERYONE is busy, but journalists are exceptionally and therefore harder people to get hold of.

If the reporter didn’t respond to your email or social media interaction, adding a phone call, fax, letter, carrier pigeon or smoke signal to the mix is most likely not going to get their attention either. Stop haunting them, let them do their job. And once again, if it’s a good piece it will make print.

The PR Witch

If it’s a newsworthy story it will make print without casting a spell of nonsense words.

News flash: not everything can be “world class”, and what does “best-of-breed” even mean?

On that note, why can’t companies just make “software”, rather than “intuitive, browser-based solutions”? And why say global if you’re not operating everywhere – what’s wrong with being local?
Nonsense words are more likely to end in a witch hunt than coverage.

The PR “Frankenstein” monster

Frankenstein’s monster never lacked intelligence or compassion, but he did lack knowledge of the world around him – something he has in common with a handful of PRs.

PRs need to know their client’s company and universe of media and influencers inside out – it’s our job.

Lack of preparation and specific publication knowledge i.e. target audience, readership location and publication viewpoint, drives journalists (understandably) up-the-wall.

It’s crucial PRs know not only what they are contacting the press about, but also who their target audience are and if these two things correlate with that of the publication.

The PR vampire

AKA the PR who sucks the life and soul out of a story. Contacting the press with the same tired angle is simply a no-go.

To avoid becoming a blood sucking fiend, get inventive with what you have, after all variety is the spice of life. If thought leadership won’t work how about a cartoon, spoof letter, infographic? In short, if it’s the same ol’ story, give the reporter a new reason to care.

We’ve exposed these spooky characters in hope of banishing them back to the world of make-believe. To ensure your clients get more treats than tricks this Hallowe’en, leave the horrors at home and the nightmares on Elm Street.

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